Community Awareness Program

CR section visits all the communities residing in or around semi periphery of MHNP and imparts awareness and education to the local communities about the National Park and its significance in their lives. Education and awareness programs are also carried out in schools and on trails for students and the general public.

Community Dialogue

The CR section holds meetings with local communities to discuss their issues and find possible solutions. In addition, their suggestions for the betterment of MHNP and local communities are also documented and given due consideration.

COMMUNITies Partnership

CR section issues the permits to local community members for sustainable harvesting of Kachnaar “Bauhinia variegata”. Our section is on a mission to make local communities  partner in the protection, conservation and management of the MHNP. 

holistic research

Conduct research on overall issues related to communities of MHNP, which does not only help in better management but also addresses locals’ issues

kitchen gardening

Kitchen gardening activities are also conducted in schools and villages in order to introduce sustainable development practices among local villagers and reduce their dependence on MHNP resources. 

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